What Happens If You Fracture A Growth Plate?

Children are often vulnerable to physical injuries as they engage in plenty of physical activity. Sometimes, children fracture bones as a result of physical activity. When a child fractures a growth plate, some parents and caregivers may be concerned about what this means for their child. Growth plate fractures do happen and can be treated. Contact Dr. Jesu Jacob today if you have further questions about growth plate fractures and seek orthopedics in Commack, NY!

What is A Growth Plate Fracture?Orthopedics In Commack

A growth plate is an area of cartilage located toward the ends of bones. Growth plates play a role in determining the future shape and length of the mature bone. This makes an injury to these important to monitor. What would be a sprain in adults would be a growth plate fracture in children. Symptoms of a growth plate fracture include:

  • Pain/Tenderness
  • Difficulty or inability to move affected area
  • Swelling in the area

Potential causes for growth plate fractures include:

  • Car accidents
  • Competitive sports (i.e., football, basketball, soccer, etc.)
  • Recreational activities (i.e., skateboarding, skiing, biking)

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Growth Plate Fracture Treatment

Severe complications from growth plate fractures aren’t common. With proper treatment, recovery should happen in due time. Some treatment options may include a splint or cast on the affected area. How long a child has to wear the splint or cast depends on the location and severity of the injury. Treatment may involve continuously following up with an orthopedic specialist to monitor the injury. In rare cases, surgery may be required to treat the fracture. Due to every case being different, it’s important to see a professional if your child experiences a growth plate fracture.

Contact Dr. Jesu Jacob, An Orthopedics In Commack

We do what we can to protect our children, but sometimes they get hurt. A growth plate fracture is rarely a cause for concern. Proper treatment is enough to ensure healing so your little one can get back to their love activities. If your child has experienced a growth plate fracture and has questions, contact Dr. Jesu Jacob for orthopedics in Commack!