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What Happens If You Fracture A Growth Plate?

Children are often vulnerable to physical injuries as they engage in plenty of physical activity. Sometimes, children fracture bones as a result of physical activity. When a child fractures a growth plate, some parents and caregivers may be concerned about what this means for their child. Growth plate fractures do happen and can be treated. Contact Dr. Jesu Jacob today if you have further questions about growth plate fractures and seek injury doctors in islip, ny!

What is A Growth Plate Fracture?injury doctors in islip, ny

A growth plate is an area of cartilage located toward the ends of bones. Growth plates play a role in determining the future shape and length of the mature bone. This makes an injury to these important to monitor. What would be a sprain in adults would be a growth plate fracture in children. Symptoms of a growth plate fracture include:

  • Pain/Tenderness
  • Difficulty or inability to move affected area
  • Swelling in the area

Potential causes for growth plate fractures include:

  • Car accidents
  • Competitive sports (i.e., football, basketball, soccer, etc.)
  • Recreational activities (i.e., skateboarding, skiing, biking)

For more on growth plates and fractures, see here.

Growth Plate Fracture Treatment

Severe complications from growth plate fractures aren’t common. With proper treatment, recovery should happen in due time. Some treatment options may include a splint or cast on the affected area. How long a child has to wear the splint or cast depends on the location and severity of the injury. Treatment may involve continuously following up with an orthopedic specialist to monitor the injury. In rare cases, surgery may be required to treat the fracture. Due to every case being different, it’s important to see a professional if your child experiences a growth plate fracture.

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We do what we can to protect our children, but sometimes they get hurt. A growth plate fracture is rarely a cause for concern. Proper treatment is enough to ensure healing so your little one can get back to their love activities. If your child has experienced a growth plate fracture and has questions, contact Dr. Jesu Jacob for injury doctors in islip, ny!

    How Is A Fractured Growth Plate Treated?

    Injuring a growth plate can potentially stunt a child’s growth in that limb for life. It can cause crooked bones or shorter limbs. This occurs because the growth plate is the portion of the limb that, well, grows. Therefore, injuring it can be a bit of an issue. Still, an injury there can be treated. If you need injury doctors in islip, ny, contact Dr. Jesu Jacobs today!

    What Is A Growth Plate?injury doctors in islip, ny

    A growth plate is a cartilage clump at the end of most bones in a child. Usually, they stay open until the end of puberty (earlier in girls, later in boys). They are directly responsible for the outward growth of bones and thus surrounding tissue while a child grows. Although cartilage is extremely durable, it can break or crack just like bones. Still, like bones, the cartilage can heal entirely with the help of injury doctors in islip, ny like Dr. Jesu Jacobs!

    How Does Someone Injure The Growth Plate?

    Like bones, the growth plate can be injured in many ways. Commonly, the growth plate is damaged by sports or accidents that strain it. These can sprain, fracture, or break the growth plate.

    How Is A Growth Plate Treated?

    Although surgery might be needed to position the bone correctly again, it may be unnecessary to go that far. If that is the case, simply giving the child a splint or cast is enough. Growth should then be monitored to ensure that the bone and growth plate heal properly and do not grow crooked. To prevent such things, the child should also eat a healthy diet encouraging skeletal growth. One that is high in vegetables, calcium, iron, and more. In some cases, physical therapy may be recommended or required for the bone and growth plate to grow back correctly. Still, assume that both the bone and the growth plate will take months to grow back fully at the very least. The child will be unable to play contact sports and likely unable to play sports at all.

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    Although breaking or fracturing a growth plate or bone can be troublesome for parents and children, it is not that big of a deal in most cases. Normally, a child will be healthy sooner than you think. Still, if you are worried or need to take that first step, contact injury doctors in islip, ny like Dr. Jesu Jacobs today!

    Sleeping Positions After Knee Replacement Surgery

    Realizing you need knee replacement surgery can creep up on you. You may think nothing of it at first. But before you know it, climbing stairs is painful, and you can’t move as well as you used to. If you’re looking for injury doctors in Islip, NY, look no further than the Jacob Center for Advanced orthopedics. Dr. Jacob specializes in joint restoration and sports medicine, and with his years of experience, he can get you moving again.

    What is Knee Replacement Surgery?injury doctors in islip, ny

    Knee replacement surgery is one of the most common bone surgeries in the United States. During the surgery, the surgeon removed the damaged knee. It is then replaced with an artificial joint. They are usually made up of metal and plastic. To complete the procedure, they attach the joint to the thigh bone, shin, and kneecap with acrylic cement. Even though these types of surgeries are common, it helps to have an experienced doctor. In your search for injury doctors in Islip, NY, Dr. Jacob is one of the best. With nearly two decades of experience, he and his team are dedicated to providing the best-individualized care possible.

    Reasons For Knee Replacement

    The main reason people undergo knee replacement surgery is because of Osteoarthritis. This condition progresses with age and causes the cartilage between the knee and the bone joints break down. Other reasons include:

    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Deformities such as bowed legs or knock-knees
    • Knee injuries

    Various Types of Surgeries

    When considering knee replacement surgery, there are five main types.

    • Total knee replacement – Most common knee replacement surgery. The surface of the thigh bone and shine bone is replaced.
    • Partial knee replacement – If one side of the knee is affected and knee ligaments and cartilage are unaffected.
    • Patellofemoral replacement – Replaces below the kneecap’s surface and the groove the kneecap is in. Those with chronic kneecap arthritis may find this type of surgery helpful.
    • Complex knee replacement – Used for those with severe arthritis or who have previously undergone knee replacements.
    • Cartilage restoration – In some cases an area of the knee can be replaced with a living cartilage graft or cells that eventually grow into cartilage.

    Knee pain can deteriorate your quality of life, but you don’t have to be stuck that way forever. If you’re looking for injury doctors in Islip, NY, our highly experienced doctor, Dr. Jesu Jacob, is dedicated to getting you back on your feet pain-free.

    What Are the Best Sleeping Positions After Knee Replacement Surgery?

    After surgery, you must put the least pressure on the operated area. It’s best to prop up your operated leg with a few pillows and sleep on your back. If you want to sleep on your side, sleep on the non-operated side, and don’t bend your legs. If you’re looking for injury doctors in Islip, NY, our Jacob Center for Advanced orthopedics team can help you. Our tentative and caring staff will be able to help you every step of the way.

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    Dr. Jacob and his team at Jacob Center for Advanced orthopedics are highly experienced and excited to get your life back. Dr. Jacob, who has nearly two decades of experience and a subspecialty in adult reconstruction, is the best doctor to see if you are looking for injury doctors in Islip, NY. Make an appointment with us today.

    Life After Hip Replacement

    A hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which a prosthetic implant replaces the hip joint. Hip replacement surgery can be performed as a total hip replacement or a partial hip replacement. If you have any questions or concerns about your recovery, talk to our Injury Doctors In Islip, NY. Click here to learn more on how we can help today! Total hip replacements are indicated when the patient has arthritis of the hip that causes pain and interferes with daily activities despite conservative treatment. In a total hip replacement, the femoral head (the ball at the top of the thigh bone) and the acetabulum (the socket in the pelvis) are replaced with artificial implants.

    Hip ReplacementsInjury Doctors In Islip, NY

    Partial hip replacements are indicated when arthritis is present in only one part of the hip joint. In a partial hip replacement, only the femoral head is replaced. Hip replacement surgery is usually performed as an elective procedure when conservative treatment such as weight loss, exercise, and medications fail to relieve the pain. This surgery may also be performed as an emergency if the hip joint is damaged by trauma. Hip replacement surgery aims to relieve pain, restore hip function, and improve quality of life. Most people who undergo hip replacement surgery experience a significant reduction in pain and an improvement in mobility.

    Life After Hip Replacement Surgery: 

    You’ll likely spend some time in the hospital in the first few weeks after surgery. You’ll then be moved to a rehabilitation facility, where you’ll work with therapists to regain your strength and mobility. Most people stay in rehab for three to six weeks. Once you can walk and take care of yourself, you can go home. Recovery times vary from person to person. It usually takes three to six months to recover fully.

    In some cases, it may take up to a year. You’ll likely need to use crutches or a walker during your recovery. You may also need physical therapy to help regain your strength and range of motion. After fully recovering, you should be able to return to all your normal activities, including swimming, biking, and playing tennis. You may need to avoid high-impact activities, such as running, for six months to a year. If you have any questions or concerns about your recovery, talk to our Injury Doctors In Islip, NY today!

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    Hip replacement surgery is a major decision, but it can be a life-changing procedure that improves many people’s quality of life. Recovery times vary from person to person, but most people can return to all their normal activities after six months to a year. If you have any questions or concerns about your recovery, talk to our Injury Doctors In Islip, NY. Click here to learn more on how we can help today!

    How Long Does Total Hip Replacement Take To Recover?

    Total hip replacement is major surgery. It becomes necessary when the hip is essentially nonfunctional. Typically, a hip is replaced with either a titanium or a donor’s hip. Both are solid options and can last a lifetime with proper precautions and maintenance. A hip replacement can allow mobility in a patient who would otherwise be immobile. A new hip can mean reinvigorated motivation in life. Contact our Injury Doctors In Islip, NY, Dr. Jesu Jacob, if you need a hip replacement. 

    What is a Hip?

    The hip is the joint area above the legs that control some movement and bears body weight when we stand up. It is a critical part of our supporting skeletal system. Usually, it becomes worn down when the patient is overweight or stressing the hip consistently over many years (such as through vigorous, unsupportive exercise). 

    Hip Replacement Surgery

    Hip replacement surgery becomes necessary to continue adequate mobility when the patient begins to have trouble walking. Usually, the patient can only stand upright for a little bit and begins to feel pain in the hip, forcing them to sit. Our Orthopedic Surgeon performs hip replacement surgery in Islip, NY, Dr. Jesu Jacob. The hip, or remaining fragments of the hip, are removed. Then, a hip is inserted in the gap. The hip is either a donor hip or a titanium hip. The titanium hip is a titanium replica of a human skeletal hip. 

    Hip Replacement Surgery Recovery

    Though this is major surgery, the patient should regain walking ability in three to six weeks. It is best to follow the instructions of our Injury Doctors In Islip, NY, Dr. Jesu Jacob, after the procedure. Usually, this means physical therapy to improve the functioning and coordination of the new hip. If the hip is from a donor, the patient may need immunosuppressants to prevent rejection. The recovery period for a donor’s hip is the same as that of a titanium hip (approximately three to six weeks following the doctor’s directions).

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    While total hip replacement is major surgery, it is common. Some people might dread the pain and recovery period. Be sure to visit our Injury Doctors In Islip, NY, Dr. Jesu Jacobs, for optimized recovery. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Discover how we can help you today!

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