How Long Does Total Hip Replacement Take To Recover?

Total hip replacement is major surgery. It becomes necessary when the hip is essentially nonfunctional. Typically, a hip is replaced with either a titanium or a donor’s hip. Both are solid options and can last a lifetime with proper precautions and maintenance. A hip replacement can allow mobility in a patient who would otherwise be immobile. A new hip can mean reinvigorated motivation in life. Contact our Orthopedic Surgeon in Islip, NY, Dr. Jesu Jacob, if you need a hip replacement. 

What is a Hip?Orthopedic Surgeon in Islip, NY

The hip is the joint area above the legs that control some movement and bears body weight when we stand up. It is a critical part of our supporting skeletal system. Usually, it becomes worn down when the patient is overweight or stressing the hip consistently over many years (such as through vigorous, unsupportive exercise). 

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery becomes necessary to continue adequate mobility when the patient begins to have trouble walking. Usually, the patient can only stand upright for a little bit and begins to feel pain in the hip, forcing them to sit. Our Orthopedic Surgeon performs hip replacement surgery in Islip, NY, Dr. Jesu Jacob. The hip, or remaining fragments of the hip, are removed. Then, a hip is inserted in the gap. The hip is either a donor hip or a titanium hip. The titanium hip is a titanium replica of a human skeletal hip. 

Hip Replacement Surgery Recovery

Though this is major surgery, the patient should regain walking ability in three to six weeks. It is best to follow the instructions of our Orthopedic Surgeon in Islip, NY, Dr. Jesu Jacob, after the procedure. Usually, this means physical therapy to improve the functioning and coordination of the new hip. If the hip is from a donor, the patient may need immunosuppressants to prevent rejection. The recovery period for a donor’s hip is the same as that of a titanium hip (approximately three to six weeks following the doctor’s directions).

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While total hip replacement is major surgery, it is common. Some people might dread the pain and recovery period. Be sure to visit our Orthopedic Surgeon in Islip, NY, Dr. Jesu Jacobs, for optimized recovery. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Discover how we can help you today!