Common Foot Injuries After An Auto Incident

Car Accident Therapy in Bay ShoreAn auto accident is incredibly impactful. Your emotions are running high, your safety is at risk, and the incident may have taken a toll on your body. While the head and neck are frequently discussed, your whole body could be hurt, including your feet. Foot injuries require immediate medical care, as is the case for everything following an auto accident. Dr. Jesu Jacob offers high-quality car accident therapy in Bay Shore, allowing for proper recovery following an incident.


Common Foot Injuries

Just like the accident itself, the injuries that may come about from an auto accident are unpredictable. Thus, just about any injury could be the result of such an accident. For the feet, their sheer number of bones and joints shows how this could be the case. To get a more general view, here are some of the most common foot injuries resulting from an auto accident:


Broken Foot

Due to the potential of being crushed upon impact, a broken foot is fairly common in car accidents. Again, the foot is made up of a lot of bones, so the specific location of this injury can vary. The severity of the break can also do so, for you could have a small fracture or a significant break. While you should get immediate medical care, no matter what, here are some specific symptoms of a broken foot:


  • Throbbing pain
  • Difficulty walking
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Deformity


While some breaks may just require a cast and some rest, others are more complicated and call for implanted instruments to properly position the foot for healing. This makes seeking out car accident therapy in Bay Shore crucial. Missing out on proper care may lead to improper or incomplete healing of your foot.



Just as the foot contains many bones, it has a lot of joints. While joints and their cartilage are often intact until age brings about wear and tear, an auto accident can lead to osteoarthritis. An accident serves as a significant trauma to one’s joints, damaging cartilage and leading to direct contact between bones. This is a very painful sensation, so seeking professional treatment is important.


These are just some examples of the many foot injuries that an auto accident could cause. The list goes on to include complications of the ankle, frostbite from potentially getting stuck in a frigid climate, and much more.


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